Red Meat and Processed Meat Causes What????

Well, that was a headline that got everyones attention this past week, “WHO Classifies Red Meat and Processed Meat a Carcinogen”.  And just the day before I ate a beautiful BLT sandwich with DaBecca Applewood Smoked Bacon. Now what?

My suggestion is to begin reading the interpretations from the many sources now writing about this finding. In particular, pay attention to how and why the WHO classifies substances and their risk for causing cancer. I am going to begin to post any newsworthy articles on this space so there can be a place for you to examine it all.

Upon reading my first few articles, it seems that the processed meat risk is caused by the nitrates and nitrites used in the curing process that gives bacon and ham, etc. the wonderful flavor. Therefore, my next suggestion is to read labels and purchase and consume those products whose meat is free of nitrates and nitrites (also free of antibiotics).

Finally, it’s very important to be informed. And, balanced. As my sweet grandfather said – who lived to be 96 years old and was swimming doggie paddle laps just months before he passed away, “Everything in moderation”. As well, know your physical state by getting regular check ups and appropriate cancer screenings.

Here’s my first article: