A happy, healthy and delicious holiday to you all!

It’s been a fabulous first year for Healthy Fare for Kids and we have you to thank.

Healthy Fare for Kids has almost thirty restaurants participating currently. That’s thirty restaurants where parents are assured of getting a healthy and delicious meal for their kids in the Chicago area. And, we have another 25 restaurants working to get certified.

This winter, Healthy Fare for Kids will be launched at Midway Airport where over 9 million passengers each year, many with children, will have an array of healthy, delicious food available. We are thrilled about working with MAC One Midway and look forward to a thriving relationship. Also, we are soon announcing the name of another Chicago landmark and popular tourist destination where Healthy Fare for Kids is expected to launch in February. Stay tuned and keep your eyes out for our logo.

Together we can make kids healthier by offering healthy food choices when they eat outside the home while striving for local produce, meat and milk that are free of antibiotics and hormones, and sustainable seafood.  Kids will learn to choose good food because they’ll know what healthy and delicious food tastes like.

Thank you for stepping up for Healthy Fare for Kids.  Keep visiting our website and drop us a line if you have a restaurant or food venue you would like to involve in our initiative.   Our sincere wishes for a happy holiday and delicious new year.


 Diane Schmidt, Founder

Sarah Stegner, Founding member

Carol Wagner, Founding member