Welcome Convito Cafe and Market!

When I think of authentic and delicious Italian food, Convito Cafe and Market springs to mind.  Granted I worked at Convito during my waitressing years, loving every piece of food that came out of the kitchen.  Convito is that type of eatery that transports you to the streets of many an Italian city or village.

Convito has now launched their Fall menu with Healthy Fare for Kids items gracing it’s pages.  From their white bean vegetable soup or multi-grain penne with tomato sauce and meatballs or grilled pan fried chicken breast with roasted potatoes & broccoli, healthy and delicious food is now an order away.

Congratulations Convito Cafe and Market for stepping up to help kids know what healthy and delicious food tastes like.

Visit Convito Cafe and Market’s web site.