Welcome Flavor 180: our newest restaurant serving healthy food with a twist

Fast, flavorful and healthy food in less than 20 minutes.  This is the essence of Flavor 180, our newest restaurant to join the Healthy Fare for Kids initiative.  Every item on their menu is healthy and delicious and full of flavor.

The Healthy Fare for Kids meal is a Kids Turkey Burger on wheat bun with baby spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard.  I loved my  Turkey Burger at Flavor 180 and believe it  is one of the best in the City of Chicago.  Thick and juicy with the right flavor level and a bit of heat.

Flavor 180 serves up  low-calorie, fire grilled turkey hot dogs, to turkey lasagna with truffle, to lemon curry salmon with truffle honey drizzle.  The menu offers a great variety … everyone can find a dish they will love.

We welcome Flavor 180 and look forward to many delicious meals.

Flavor 180   1511 S State Street, Chicago, IL  web site