Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! Cooks Up Healthy Fiesta For Kids

Chef Tim Cottini of Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! is putting s a festive spin on his Healthy Fare for Kids meals.  As a premiere Tapas restaurant in Chicago, Chef Cottini brings together great flavors, a balanced plate and many delicious choices of a healthy fare for kids.

New Kids Menu at Cafe Ba Ba Reba!

All families start their meal with a complimentary Pintxo – carrot sticks with hummus dip – followed by tapas options such as:

  • chicken or beef a la plancha with mashed potatoes and broccoli
  • vegetable paella
  • whole wheat pasta shells with tomato sauce, cheese and broccoli.

And to finish the meal, a complimentary dessert – grapes and apple sticks – is presented. And if a sweeter dessert is a must, then small portions of tempting classics are offered.

It’s easy to be inspired by the colors and food of Spain when you’re visiting Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, and now it’s just as easy to feed kids healthy, delicious food at the same time. Bravo! Cafe Ba Ba Reeba!

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! is at 2024 N. Halsted in Chicago.  web site 

Four Farthings Makes Great Kids Menu Even Healthier

A new kids menu is being launched at Four Farthings offering an even healthier selection of food then their previous great menu.  All menu items meet the Healthy Fare for Kids guidelines and every dish looks delicious.

Four Farthings is omitting all french fries automatically served with their dishes. Instead if a kid customer wants some, they are available upon request.  It’s great to take out as much of the “unhealthy items” and let the family ask to include them back in.

Also, gone is the soda and ice cream from the package that comes with every kids meal.  It is so important to unbundle these kids packages for these highly sugared items pack a lot of extra calories that’s not needed.

Some kids menu items are:

Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity: Seasonal fresh fruit plate with a scoop of cottage cheese or organic vanilla yogurt

Grilled Cheezie:  Cheddar cheese on multi-grain bread served with fresh fruit

Cheezie Burger:  Grilled 1/4 lb. patty with melted cheddar and fresh fruit.

Ants on a Log:  Peanut butter filled celery with raisins on top and multi-grain bread on the side

Look for the new Healthy Fare for Kids menu at Four Farthings soon.  We’ll let you know here when the menus are off the press.

Four Farthings Tavern & Grill, 2060 N. Cleveland, Chicago, IL  web site

Nookies close to launching healthier kids menu

Nookies restaurant has just given a peak to it’s new children’s menu.  While putting on the final touches and launching in the next few weeks, I had to report on some of their healthy and delicious options … like:

Mini multigrain pancakes stacked with Amy’s all natural sausage patties and a maple syrup side for dipping

Oatmeal with berries

Roasted free range turkey on multigrain bread with cranberry aioli and fresh fruit or roasted sweet potato fries

Vegetable twist whole wheat fusilli pasta tossed with fresh vegetables and a little of zesty marinara sauce

… and much, much more.

Nookies is a family-style casual restaurant with four locations in Chicago.  They are  transforming their quintessential children’s menu into one offering  varied, healthy and delicious food.  They have created a template that any other family style restaurant can follow, and we hope they do.

As soon as Nookies completes their menu, look for it on our blog.  Hooray for Nookies!!

Nookies  web site

Ditka’s and Gemini Bistro Pledge Support

This week adds Ditka’s restaurant and Gemini Bistro to the roster of participating restaurants in Chicago.  We are so pleased with these fantastic restaurants and their generosity to support kids getting healthy meals when they’re dining out.

I’ve gotten a glimpse of one tasty dish that Ditka’s is working on and it is the perfect balance of healthy, delicious and fun food.  Look at the restaurant tab for a list of all of our restaurants.