Just In Time For The Chicago Auto Show


The 2014 Chicago Auto Show is rolling in just in time for the launch of Healthy Fare for Kids™  at McCormick Place, thanks to SAVOR… an industry leader in implementing green standards and environmentally sustainable practices in day-to-day foodservice operations. 
The Healthy Fare for Kids meals will be offered in the South Food Court during the Chicago Auto Show and other special events and will proudly display the Healthy Fare for Kids logo. Menu items include a Turkey Sandwich with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese on whole wheat bread with a side of celery sticks and peanut butter; or a Ham sandwich with Emmenthal on a pretzel roll with fruit salad. All meats served are raised without the use of antibiotics.
“We understand the dining challenge that moms and dads face when dining at events,” said Connie Chambers, General Manager, SAVOR…Chicago at McCormick Place. “We believe it is our responsibility to offer our families healthy, responsible options.  We believe, if we do our part and make healthy, great tasting food following Healthy Fare for Kids’ standards, we can help families identify good food choices and continue their journey of good health.” 

Since 2011, Healthy Fare for Kids has been asking chefs to create healthier meals on menus for children following their set of nutritional guidelines. For more information or how to participate, visitwww.healthyfareforkids.com.


Chef letter to Sam Kass

Chefs Collaborative is working with Pew Charitable Trusts to ask chefs and food professionals to sign onto a letter to Sam Kass, Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy at the White House about overuse of antibiotics in farm animals.

Please go to their linkSay no to the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals - to add your name to their letter today!

Thank you.

Midway Airport Launches

The term airport food will have a new meaning starting today at Midway International Airport in Chicago when Healthy Fare for Kids lands at Midway Airport.

Healthy Fare for Kids is partnering with Premiere Restaurant Group, (www.maconemidway.com), a concession management company operating 16 foodservice units  at Midway International Airport, to bring certified Healthy Fare for Kids meals to it’s venues.

For the 18 million passengers passing through Midway International Airport each year, the Healthy Fare for Kids logo can be spotted on the tops of grab & go containers in most restaurant coolers primarily in Concourses A & B and near baggage claim. Soon, look for our logo on menu boards next to certified menu items.

You’ll find antibiotic-free meats, whole grain breads, smaller portion sizes, lower salt, no deep-fried anything, local ingredients and non-sugared beverages in all Healthy Fare for Kids meals.

Healthy Fare for Kids items are not just for kids. Liking the smaller portion sizes and healthier fare, adults have been buying them for their own meals at our other venues.

Next time you fly out of Midway International Airport, look for the Healthy Fare for Kids logo, telling you in an instant, it’s a healthy and delicious meal.Image


Welcome Sandwich Me In

Sandwich Me In is the newest restaurant to join the Healthy Fare for Kids family.  Welcome!

Sandwich Me In is a quick-service sandwich shop using local meats and fresh produce with an emphasis on sustainability (recycle, reuse, reduce) and the education of their guests as to how their food travels from farm to plate.

Chef Justin Vrany cooks up some fabulous sandwich scenarios.  All of their delicious food is made in house from scratch and sourced from local farms such as Gunthorp farms, Quarter Circle Seven Ranch, and Local Folks farm, which means all meat is raised without the use of antibiotics.

They have a dynamite pulled pork sandwich that is smoked for 13 hours and lathered in their homemade BBQ and placed on a fresh baked black strap molasses wheat roll. Another delight is their Vegan black bean and brown rice burger with whole grain mustard. And all of their drinks are made in house.

All of the waste at Sandwich Me In is composted or recycled. Throughout the season the raw vegetable and fruit compost are given to Bryant Family Farms to feed their chickens who lay eggs for the restaurant. Their electrical energy is completely powered by wind and all of their used-oil is recycled in bio-diesel engines. All of the furniture and equipment in the restaurant is either used or refurbished.

Congratulations Chef Justin Vrany!  We are thrilled to have you participating in Healthy Fare for Kids.

Chef Justin’s Healthy Fare for Kids selection is:


(Ham and turkey meat is raised without the use of antibiotics and smoothie is made with 100% fruit)

Sandwich Me In is at 3037 N. Clark Street in Chicago or visit their website here.

Chicago Leaders Endorse Healthy Fare for Kids

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and George Chavel, President of Sodexo, North America have offered their endorsements of Healthy Fare for Kids.  These leaders support the good work Healthy Fare for Kids has done through the partnership with the Shedd Aquarium and its food service supplier, Sodexo.

Please read the news release which includes the endorsements and all the information about Healthy Fare for Kids launching at the Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Launches Healthy Fare for Kids



Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium has kicked off a partnership with Healthy Fare for Kids and Sodexo, the aquarium’s food service provider, bringing healthy and delicious children’s menu options to their food concessions.  The Shedd Aquarium is the first cultural venue to align with Healthy Fare for Kids, as well as Sodexo’s first site.

The Shedd Aquarium is visited by over 2.5 million people each year, almost one million of those are children.  The perfect target for Healthy Fare for Kid’s. 

Both the Shedd and Sodexo embraced the concept of bringing HFFK into the Shedd and have been very supportive and generous in getting our program and it’s food created and launched.  Find our logo in the Bubblenet on a grab and go, or on the menu boards offering antibiotic-free chicken sliders or low-fat baked cheese quesadillas. Or order off the Soundings Cafe menu a griddled organic peanut-butter-and-banana pressed sandwich or an antibiotic-free Turkey Joe.  All Healthy Fare for Kids’ items come witha choice of an organic milk box or water bottle.

Visit the Shedd Aquarium today, the most popular aquarium in the country.  It’s a fantastic destination for families and, now, a delicious and healthy one for kids.

Check out the websites to the Shedd Aquarium and Sodexo today!  And stay tuned.


Eat to Defeat Cancer

I found a great website today. You must visit eattodefeatcancer.org and read through the fascinating information on the link about anti-angiogenenic food and its properties. Also,  go to this link on YouTube where Dr. Li is giving a Ted lecture called, “Can we eat to starve cancer?” It’s only 18 minutes in length.

The science is extraordinary behind this concept which has everything to do with best ways to feed your kids and you!